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Connect VSCode to a GitHub Repo

You’ve created a Repo on Github and now want to work in Visual Studio Code to further develop your project. What do you do now?

Since I haven’t found any clear instructions on this process, I thought that I would provide some help and clone the ITOps repo as an example.


Connection Steps

  1. Log into your Github account and navigate to the repository you want to work withGitHubRepo
  2. Click on the Clone or Download button and copy the URLGitHubCloneorDownload
  3. Open Visual Studio Code
    1. File -> Add Folder to Workspace
      1. Add the directory created in the Prereqs section aboveAddFolderToWorkspace
    2. Open the Terminal window ([Ctrl] + `)
      1. git config --global <GitHub UserID>
      2. git config --global <GitHub Email>gitconfigusername
      3. Enter in the GitHub account password as needed through the dialog window that pops up
      4.  git clone <URL from step 2 above>git clone
  4. Done!

Now What?

Once you’ve successfully cloned your repo, you can now get the real work started and stage and commit back into GitHub when you’re ready.